The beginning

How we started and where we are today

The Seli-kab production site takes its origins from a Siemens installation in 1974, it comes as a production of electromechanical equipment and then it has been converted into electronic production in 1980 when Italtel was born from a change of the SIT-Siemens company name.

The production bases of the Carini plant are the result of the need to produce the new totally electronic switching telephone system called the “UT System“. Later the production also moved to other technologies to meet the new market requirements, until it became, after the Italtel spin-off of manufacturing activities, an EMS dedicated production site (contract manufacturing). Selital is born.

In the following years, the Carini site plant specialized in the automotive production, white, telecommunications, alternative energy and military sectors.

In 2017 Kab-lem Group takes control on Selital, the new company takes on its current corporate name: Seli-kab.

Denso Thermal System S.P.A acquires 19,9% of Seli-Kab. Tecno System S.P.A acquires the shares from the Kab-Lem group and takes control of Seli-Kab


Company history in pills


SIT-Siemens inaugurates the Carini site for the production of electromechanical equipments


Rebrand: SIT-Siemens become ITALTEL


Start of production of electronic systems for telecommunications – UT Systems


60 billion lira were invested for the «automated factory» project


Start the production of Set Top Box, satellite decoder (aka «sky»)


Spin off from Italtel – manufacturing activities are outsourced and Selital is born


Start Automotive production



Invested 10€ml for automatic lines installation SMT 1&2 for telecommunications


Start production in Bianco center


Telecom, Automotive, Bianco, Energia and repair center are merged


Kab-lem group takes control of Selital, Seli-Kab borns





Denso Thermal System S.P.A acquires 19,9% of Seli-Kab





Tecno System S.P.A acquires the shares from the Kab-Lem group and takes control of Seli-Kab


Selikab‘s portfolio is growing and is diversifying, consolidating relations with historical automotive customers and entering new customers and new markets.